Saturday, January 28, 2012



SO NOT GOOOD FOR ME! Went on the diet, was doing really good and had no energy.  Yesterday, I could feel my energy draining even more and thought it was because I was tired.  I was downtown and almost passed out.  Needless to say, I got a drink at the nearest coffee shop and the diet has ended.  I have realized (yes Tammy and Jill, I am paying attention to my body) that as long as I am trying to fight mono, I cannot do the diet.  Last night I slept for 12 hours again and am feeling nasty today.  I think it is because I have pushed myself too hard.

Some pretty flowers from last spring

But, I had an amazing evening with a very dear friend last night.  Have you ever met someone that you felt you just connected with? That would be L.  She is amazing.  We laughed, bitched about life and its hurts right now, watched a movie, made an amazing dinner and just chilled.  It was so nice.  We are going to try to make this a weekly thing at least.  Her man is out of town and so is mine so it works!

Speaking of man, MINE IS POSSIBLY COMING HOME TONIGHT! For today and tomorrow and then gone for a long time but still.  I will take what I can get.  Not too picky! I can't wait.  He can cheer me up against the old people that are here driving me crazy.  Oh, that would be my dad and his fiance.  Yes you read that right.  He is engaged.  The wedding is in 3 1/2 months and is going to be a gong show! Hopefully she can pull off the amazing day she wants.  I have done all I can to help so far but I am done.  Other than flowers? I am stepping back.  It is just not a comfortable thing to help with.

So, plans for the weekend? WAY too much tv and laziness.  Some hearty good healthy meals. Cuddles with Hubby.  Maybe a movie out.  And that is all! I am relaxing and breathing because I have a lot to do next week and I need a breather this weekend.  I need my body to recover and this is what it is wanting today.

My baby.  Isn't she cute?

Joy Dare
Day 27: 3 gifts that might never have been

  1. life as I know it.  Had Husband and I not made the huge decision to leave our families and friends and move far away, we never would have made it to where we are today
  2. My puppy.  Not a dog person, but have fallen in love with her.  Had I not read late one night on some random website that they are good for helping with healing, I never would have bought her for Husband and would never have had my little companion.  She is my sanity some days!
  3. Healing.  Had mom not died, or had I not gotten so far down after that I was desperate, I never would have gone to Ultimate Leadership and gotten the healing that I needed so bad.  Not to say that it was good that she died, but it helped me get healing on a lot of hurts that I am not sure I ever would have faced or dealt with.

Joy Dare
Day 28: 3 graces found in your friends
  1. Support.  They are always here for me even when I don't deserve them.
  2. Prayer.  I have a few friends that I know are prayer warriors on my behalf and I appreciate it more than they will ever know.
  3. Laughter in the hardest times.  It takes an amazing friend to make you laugh when you are at your lowest.  I am one of those people that needs to laugh.  Whether at a movie, a book, a joke or or just something random.  Always makes my day better.

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